Tissu Polycoton blanc de qualité supérieure - Pouces 44 - Tissus Pound

Tissu polycoton blanc de qualité supérieure - 44, pouces

  • £ 2.50
  • Sauvegarder £ 2.50

A higher quality polycotton fabric at an unbelievable low price!

Premium White Polycotton Fabric. This is a lightweight polycotton consisting of 65% tetoron polyester and 35% combed cotton.

This fabric has been produced to be a higher quality than budget polycotton fabric. It features a mercerized resin finish and is more crease resistant than standard polycotton. It is a pure white, which has the slightest hint of blue similar to that when looking at snow or which emits from daylight bulbs.

Ce tissu est polyvalent et convient à un large éventail de projets.

Ce tissu est large de 44

For your convenience, this fabric is also available as a 50 metre roll.

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